Larimar stone properties

Lithotherapy attributes many properties to the Larimar.
Whether under its name “Travelina” or its current name “Larimar”, the “Stone of Love” or “The stone of Atlantis” as some call it, carries with it the power of 35,000 years of history…

It is said that the Larimar is a stone of surpassing oneself.
It is used to overcome fears of hospitals, doctors, surgeries, injections, etc.

dominican larimar jorge luis feliz

Larimar is a wonderful stone for pregnant women and for those who have already given birth as it helps alleviate postpartum depression and relieve stress caused by motherhood.

The “stone of love”

Being a water stone, Larimar provides calm and helps cool heated spirits.
It can be used to reduce hot flashes and to relax tense environments.

This stone is ideal for finding a soul mate.

In the Dominican Republic, we call it “the stone of love“.

It makes it easier to solve problems and fears that are still present, love traumas or past relationships that still torment you.

Physical healing properties

Dominican Larimar Jorge Luis Feliz

Larimar stone is used to treat respiratory ailments; it dissolves obstructions in the nose, head, neck and chest. If you have joint pain, you can place it on it.

This stone is said to be ideal for deciphering painful pressure points in the body and helps to eliminate certain ailments and diseases. Larimar can be used as an alternative treatment when the use of water, light or heat is required.

Larimar helps improve bipolar disorder, relieves high blood pressure and excess energies in the body such as infections, fever and inflammation.

This stone can be used to treat skin disorders caused by stress, such as rashes, hives, psoriasis, etc.

Emotional healing properties

Larimar helps identify imposed limitations and self-sabotaging behaviors.
It is a useful stone for admitting guilt and produces peace by telling the truth.
It is a powerful stone, with healing, cleansing and controlling power especially for phobias, panic attacks and emotional imbalances.

It is a stone that helps break emotional walls and allows feelings to be expressed sincerely and deeply.
It also helps to reconnect with the joyful and childish inner state.

Properties relating to the Chackras and the energy of equilibrium

Larimar stone is a stone that attracts benefits to the throat chakra, opening avenues for clear and sincere communication.

Spiritual properties

Dominican Larimar Jorge Luis Feliz

This stone is connected to the energies of the goddess of the sea and the sky.
Larimar is a stone that allows women to readjust their femininity and connect with nature.
She helps invoke the inner goddess of women by uplifting self-love and life goals.
It also helps men to connect with their intuitive and receptive nature.

Who should wear Larimar?

Larimar shines on all skin types and colors. from the lightest to the darkest, the Larimar contrasts and embellishes the one who wears it.
One of the most beautiful color combinations that can be made is blue with brown color; the color of the stone will stand out even more on tanned skin.

In the Dominican Republic, you will often find the Larimar associated with amber which is also typical of the country. These reversible jewels are called “Happy Hour”.

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