Portada dominican Larimar

Larimar stone, the gem of the Dominican Republic

If you have traveled to our country, you have been able to see this beautiful and semi-precious stone whose color recalls the blue of the Caribbean sea and the sky.
Larimar is most often sold in souvenir shops but you can also buy Larimar from the Dominican Republic directly on our website by contacting us or at our showroom near Los Patos.
At Dominican-Larimar.com, we sell Larimar in retail and wholesale in all types; bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings or raw for collectors, in blades or cabochons for jewelers.

A unique souvenir from the Dominican Republic

Also known as “piedra del amor” (“stone of love“), its discovery is quite recent and the history of its name is quite original.

Larimar has many properties and today it is mainly used in jewelry.
Set in gold or silver, the Larimar stone becomes a gem whose color fascinates regardless of the color of the skin on which it is worn.

Each Larimar stone is unique, each stone has its color variations, its own nuances, you will never find two equal stones!

The perfect gift idea

Our Larimar can be purchased in raw, polished or mounted on 925 silver.
We select the most beautiful stones for our jewelry and the quality of the polishing as well as the setting will guarantee you a jewel of choice.

The Larimar is not just a souvenir from the Dominican Republic that you will take with you, it is a little piece of the island that you will carry in your heart or that you will give to someone you love.

This is the essence of the Dominican Republic as perfect and everlasting gift.

Contact us to request the availability of a model or to have it made to measure.